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The REAL Definition of Racism




For the length of this post, I apologize, but I feel that it’s something important to be said.

On the topic of reverse racism, mentioned on an earlier DR post - reverse racism itself is not a thing

Racism against all races is.

Anyone can…

I really do like this post because it explains everything that’s wrong with the definition of racism that those types of people use.

I completely agree with you and the owner of the original post. I’m black, too (though this really shouldn’t matter), and I find that definition of racism faulty.

No, Not All Men.


Because someone has to say it, and it has to be a man.

Yes. All men.

Just because you’ve never groped a woman, never hit a woman, would never force yourself on a woman, doesn’t absolve you of all blame and responsibility.

We have all at one time or another said things and done things that have…

What a load of pro-feminist nonsense.

Get this through your head:











May 5

Equality Is An Irrational Concept

To everyone who thinks that men and women can be equal, stop. They can’t be equal.

Men and women are too different from each other. Where a woman is weak, a man is strong. Where a man is weak, a woman is strong. Men and women complement each other. Why else were there gender roles before the emergence of technology? If you think that men were just being oppressive bastards to women, you are deeply mistaken.

The problem with feminism is that it tries to force equality on men and women. Feminists have fought for equality of outcome in education and the workplace, which has been detrimental to both sexes. They fail to realize that men and women simply have different interests.

No matter how hard you try, feminists, you can’t socially engineer a society to fit your preferences. While men and women can be influenced by culture, they can never escape their biology. Is it any wonder why women and men are still choosing certain careers to pursue?

The gender wars that feminism incites are stupid and only serve to drive a wedge between the genders. There’s no need for any of this. Men and women both have their weaknesses, but they work together to overcome those. Men and women don’t need to compete with each other, and feminism has done nothing but stir up hatred between men and women.

I would like to end this post with a quote by Milton Friedman:

"The society that puts equality before freedom will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality will end up with a great measure of both."

The only thing in which men and women can be equal is protection under the law. That’s it. Fairness is attainable, but equality is not.

You can’t force equality onto different people. Men and women will never be equal.

Mar 5

I DON’T need feminism because I DON’T think that women are little victims who can’t do anything for themselves.

- videogameguru

Mar 1

I need feminism because personal responsibility is for losers.

- videogameguru

Gender is a social construct, hypergamy is man-made, and sexual dimorphism doesn’t exist.


-Said no educated person ever. (via videogameguru)

Funny. Every professor in my MA holds a doctorate and has said that gender is a social construct. Because it is.

Hypergamy is man-made because all marriage is a social construct.

Sexual dimorphism doesn’t exist because we currently have 4.5 million people alive that don’t fit the standard XX/XY chromosome pair.

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Anyone with a basic understanding of evolutionary biology and psychology will tell you different.

Feminist dogma at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

Gender is a social construct, hypergamy is man-made, and sexual dimorphism doesn’t exist.

- Said no educated person ever.

your posts are so dumb noone even picks fights with you, 0/10 4 making me ask

"your posts are so dumb noone even picks fights with you"

Lol, have you seen my blog? I’ve pissed of a lot of people.

"0/10 4 making me ask"


Do you even know what feminisim is???


Yes, I do.

Feminism: the radical notion that men should be blamed for everything that women do.

I need feminism because I want power from the state.

- videogameguru